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From htesgaard <>
Subject Re: MNG-4706 - aether.connector.basic.threads & aether.connector.resumeDownloads
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2017 09:37:37 GMT
-Daether.connector.resumeDownloads=false or
disables resume of partial downloads from a maven repo. It seams like Nexus
in some cases/configuration does not support the continue feature. 

There is another property -Daether.connector.resumeThreshold=<filesize in
bytes> that defines how big files must be in bytes, before the feature is

For implementation details see the code here:

Here is an example of a problem related to nexus and how
-Daether.connector.resumeDownloads=false solves the issue:

-Daether.connector.basic.threads=1 specifies how many threads are used for
downloading dependencies in parallel. The default on the code referenced
above is 5.

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