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From Francois MAROT <>
Subject Re: Best way to deploy a specific file and declare its dependencies
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2017 08:31:55 GMT
Thanks for the reply Olivier, but I don't think I can "attach" . Let me

Basically, I want to deploy someJar.jar and at the same time declare a
dependency:    someJar.jar --> is already stored in Archiva.
someJar.jar is not produced by Maven.

If I "attach" someJar.jar, then I have to attach it to a dummy empty main
artifact that would serve no purpose other than to let someJar.jar being
deployed alongside.
Moreover, I think (not sure) that the dependencies of the main artifact are
not dependencies of the attached artifacts. So I would not achieve my goal.

I can not "attach" because itis already stored on Archiva.

I could maybe have used  mvn deploy:deploy-file
and use option "-DpomFile=" to point to a pom where I would define the
dependency to
Problem is that I would not be able to pass the version of my artifact on
the command-line (see  Maven CI Friendly stuff
<>  ), I would have to change
it in the pom on each deploy.

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