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From Justin Georgeson <>
Subject Maven properties passed to external ant build file
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2017 22:30:54 GMT
I'm using maven-antrun-plugin to execute targets in an external Ant build file, and having
an issue with inherited properties.

          <target name="ivy.publish">
              <echo message="resolver: ${ivy.publish.resolver}"/>
              <property name="ivy.publish.resolver" value="${ivy.publish.resolver}"/>
              <echo message="resolver: ${ivy.publish.resolver}"/>
              <ant antfile="${ivy.dependencies.dir}/ivy-build.xml"

As you might guess from the above, I have a property in my pom.xml named ivy.publish.resolver.
The two echo lines here show the correct value (either the default from my pom.xml or what
I supply to Maven with -Divy.publish.resolver). But within the ivy-build.xml the very first
task executed (the init: target in the output below) is the same echo statement, and inevitably
the property value is always the default from pom.xml, ignoring what I've set with -D command-line

    [INFO] --- maven-antrun-plugin:1.8:run (ivy-publish) @ maven-ivy-example ---
    [INFO] Executing tasks

         [echo] resolver: fred
         [echo] resolver: fred

         [echo] resolver: published.local

Any suggestions?

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