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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Follow up: Building projects for multiple platforms
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:23:47 GMT
I Karl Heinz,

I think that’s a really good idea … unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to run the
retrolambda plugin on jars, so I might setup little projects, that use the dependency-plugin
to unpack the jars and test-jars first and run the retrolambda on them and then package them
back. Eventually this might also help running the testsuite a second time, but with Java7.
Is there a way to have maven execute tests with a different java version (Run maven with Java
8 and execute the tests with Java 7)?  Right now I’m relying on the animalsniffer plugin
 to verify my java8 and java7 jars, but the others would feel more comfortable if we really
ran the tests with a different java version.


Am 16.06.17, 14:36 schrieb "Karl Heinz Marbaise" <>:

    I would make a separate module for java8 and run there the retrolambda-
    maven-plugin and another separate module for java7 and run there the 
    maven-plugin as well...than you can make a separate jar file for each ...
    No need for different executions of the compiler plugins etc. and 
    separte output folders configurations etc.
    This needs to use toolchains and then you can run with a single 
    run...all of them...
    Just coming into my mind...
    If i correctly understand you are developing in JDK 8 and than you would 
    like to offer a package which supports JDK 7 ..
    So making a module with JDK 8 code in it pluse unit tests...
    A separate module which uses the JDK 8 code as dependency and using the 
    retrolambda plugin and maybe some supplemental tests on it...using JDK 7 
    which can be handled with Toolchain...
    Kind regards
    Karl Heinz Marbaise
    On 16/06/17 14:25, Justin Georgeson wrote:
    > Instead of tweaking the version, I would configure an executions of the compiler
plugins compile and testcompile goals to a separate output folders, like ${}${file.separator}classes-java7
and ${}${file.separator}test-classes-java7 and then an execution of the jar
plugin to create/attach a jar with classifier set to 'java7'.
    > That way you can have both versions build/deploy together in one pipeline with the
same version.
    > You can use properties in the version if you use Maven 3.5 with some other tricks,
there was a recent thread on the list about it
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    >> Subject: [EXTERNAL] Follow up: Building projects for multiple platforms
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    >> Hi,
    >> A short follow up question regarding my last one.
    >> In the Edgent maven build, which I am working on, we need to produce java8,
    >> java7 and android versions of jars. This is done by running the retrolambda-
    >> maven-plugin on the classes when building the java7 version. To make the
    >> dependency resolution work correctly with all variants we decided to use the
    >> normal version number for the java8 output and add a suffix of “–java7”
to the
    >> version in case of a java7 build (for SNAPSHOT versions the “-java7” is included
    >> between the version and the “SNAPSHOT”). In order to be able to switch the
    >> versions by selecting profiles, I used variables for the artifact versions.
    >> As I know variables for versions of parent poms is a really bad idea (Don’t
    >> know if it works), I setup the project to have constant versions in the parent
    >> poms and only use these for configuring the reactor and the plugins – no
    >> dependencies are handled here. The build is working nicey, unfortunately the
    >> build is outputting hundreds of warnings like this:
    >> [WARNING] Some problems were encountered while building the effective model
    >> for
    >> [WARNING] 'version' contains an expression but should be a constant. @
    >> /Users/christoferdutz/Projects/Apache/Edgent/incubator-
    >> edgent/analytics/sensors/pom.xml, line 31, column 12
    >> Is there a “maven way” (TM) to achieve this sort of thing without the warnings?
    >> Chris
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