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From Sander Verhagen <>
Subject RE: CloudRepo - A Cloud Based Artifact Repository
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2017 04:58:12 GMT
This is exciting, but also scary (for you, I'm sure).

Here's some feedback. I think this is very much a niche, particularly compared to Artifactory
who aren't limited to just Maven artifacts. (And didn't Nexus now support Docker repositories
too?) If I were shopping for a repository now (having been in that position before) I'd be
suspicious for someone offering this "from scratch" as you are. I remember the growing pains
of particularly Artifactory, and they weren't pretty. Why would I want to go through that
with a new party again? Just for the few bucks a month it's saving me?

At this point I'd feel more comfortable buying into a cloud offering of Nexus, to compete
with the existing cloud offering of Artifactory. My employer couldn't agree with the cloud-based
Artifactory either, since they didn't provide much paperwork on security and compliance. Since
a cloud-based repository will be handling companies' crown jewels, you might want to brace
yourself for that, as your website is still a little sparse on any of that (understandably).

Will any of your product be open source, because we... well... would really like that :)

Still... exciting.

Sander Verhagen
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From: Chris Shellenbarger [] 
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 21:28
Subject: CloudRepo - A Cloud Based Artifact Repository

Hi everyone,

    As this is the Maven Users ML, I thought it was appropriate to share a new, 100% cloud
based,  Artifact Repository that we've launched at . As long time Maven users,
we wanted something that was fully managed and that we wouldn't have to maintain.  So, we
built CloudRepo for our own use and then decided to open it up for others to use.

I feel that a Cloud Based Artifact Repository can really make it easier for Maven users to
host their own private repos and further the adoption of Maven itself, especially in small
organizations that are just getting started and who can't afford the time to operate their
own servers.

I'd also like to solicit feedback from any member of this ML, since you are our target audience.
 As a thanks, I'd also like to offer any member of this ML an extended trial of 60 days -
that way you can have plenty of time to kick the tires and see if it works for you (and hopefully
let us know what we need to add).  Once you sign up, just email me directly at
with your account info and I'll make it happen.

Chris Shellenbarger
Founder - CloudRepo
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