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Subject Re: Defining a property designed to be overridden?
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2017 17:02:19 GMT
On 2017-03-02T10:29:30 -0600
Curtis Rueden <> wrote:

> > it seems that I can only require that the XML elements be overridden
> > in *all* descendant POMs, and this introduces too much redundancy.  
> I see.
> Would it be sufficient if the requireElements rule had a multiModule flag
> which, if set, green-lighted the build when the stated elements are defined
> in the local parent POM? This feature would assume you are using the
> aggregator==parent scheme, and follow the <relativePath> declared in the
> <parent> of each POM. If it finds a POM there, it would parse it and then
> check for the required elements in _that_ POM instead of the initial one.
> And do this recursively, in case you have a multi-layered multi-module
> build.
> The downside of this approach: modules of a project would only build if the
> parent is available locally. E.g.: if you try to build one module of a
> multi-module build which has been physically disconnected from its parent
> (e.g., a partial SVN checkout), the enforcer would fail because it would
> not find the local parent POM to validate against. One can also imagine
> various "aggegator != parent" organizations where the parent is not
> available locally, which would also all fail to support this scheme.

I'd need to think a bit more about it, but I personally dislike
relativePath and have never used it (across hundreds of projects),
pretty much for the sorts of reasons you've described. Hard-coding
paths that represent links to other modules seems like a horrendously
bad idea.

I've written a few plugins, but I'm not intimately familiar with the
Maven API: Shouldn't it be possible to recursively retrieve the parent
POMs from the reactor (and failing that, the local and remote
repositories) within the plugin? That would remove the need for

If that is possible, then I think the pseudocode is:

  let root(p) be the root POM of project p
  let parent(p) be the parent of p
  let definesElements(p) return true if p defines the required elements

  Project q = p
  while (!done) {
    if (q == root(p)) {
      throw RequiredElementsMissing()

    if (definesElements(q)) {
      done = true

    q = parent(p)

This feels like it would achieve what I need with only minimal
assumptions about the hierarchy of projects.


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