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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Structuring bigger Maven projects
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 23:01:11 GMT
An alternative, which I never fully explored, is the CI/CD approach.
Don't use the release plugin. Use -D, or an extension, to set a
unique, non-snapshot, version for each build, and then use version
ranges for the dependencies. I built an experimental extension at my
last job to automatically set a rev property from the current git
commit, but it wasn't entirely satisfactory.

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 1:44 PM, Karl Heinz Marbaise <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 30/11/16 19:18, Florian Sch├Ątz wrote:
>>> A library project to be
>>> shared between multiple applications each having its own release-cycle
>>> should not be part of a multi-module project used to build such an
>>> application and should be an independent project with its own
>>> release-cycle.
>> While this is of course a good idea, especially when starting to create
>> new applications, the library projects will grow with the applications
>> and not independently of them. We cannot start by first investing months
>> to create the perfect will-work-for-ten-years library and only then
>> start coding the application that will, in the first months, only use
>> 10% of all these features. So, realistically, during a development
>> cycle, both the application and the library will grow... (which doesn't
>> mean that we cannot separate them)
>> Which leads me, for example, to the problem that I still want to
>> automate as much as possible. I would like, for example, to click one
>> button in my build server, perhaps enter some parameters and get a new
>> release candidate of the libraries from the current release branch,
>> update the dependency version of the application to this rc version,
>> make the application an rc (from the application's release branch),
>> install them both into the repository, tag the current status on git and
>> deploy the rc application onto the server.
>> Especially for bigger projects, I want to keep the amount of manual work
>> needed as small as possible. As much building should be done
>> automatically, if possible. And I would like not having to code a
>> jenkins or maven plugin for that purpose (but of course, I would, if
>> needed, no problem there).
> You can simply use maven-release-plugin (in Maven itself) which you can used
> to  fully automatically create releases of your project...This will need
> only a plugin in Jenkins which handles all those stuff...correctly
> configured things like scm entries in your pom file tagging in Git will be
> done as well....
> Sometimes you might need to improve that using the versions-maven-plugin in
> combination with some pipeline steps in Jenkins...which prevents some
> drawbacks of the maven-release-plugin....
> May be you need to think about using the Maven integration in Jenkins or
> using freestyle projects or better start using pipelines ...(I often
> observed performance drawbacks in relationship with Maven integration in
> Jenkins)...
> Kind regards
> Karl Heinz Marbaise
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