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From Jordan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Resolving an Artifact from Remote Repository instead of Local
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2016 18:04:40 GMT
Is this question in the wrong mailing list? Is there a specific Aether mailing list?


On 7/14/16, 9:41 AM, "Jordan Lewis" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>This is a question about the Aether API. I’m working on building an index file which
will point to the resolved artifact using bnd-indexer-maven-plugin. The indexer has an option
to forbid the use of local URIs and that works fine as long as I don’t have the artifact
in my local repository. I need the artifact to resolve to the remote repository so that anyone
can use this index file and it won’t depend on my local repository. If the artifact is in
my local repository though, it resolves to that artifact whenever the indexer code call system.resolveArtifact(..).
I can get around this by clearing my local repository and then the artifact will resolve to
the remote repository location just fine. I did some digging and it appears like you are always
checking the localRepositoryManager first and then you check remote repositories.
>Is there a way to make it ignore the local repository resolution or set a repository priority
order where it would check the remote repository before the local repository? 

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