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From "Oliver B. Fischer" <>
Subject Re: Preleminary Maven 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT Testing
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2016 10:36:01 GMT
My suggestions is based on the view of a Maven user who would like to do 
it's daily job ;-)

In our team we have > 20 Maven projects and as a Maven 'User' you need 
the chance to fix such issues before the break your build. Everyone 
would blame Maven for this. We should have the chance to fix these 
problems before they become serious.



Am 20.06.16 um 23:23 schrieb Christian Schulte:
> Am 06/20/16 um 22:00 schrieb Oliver B. Fischer:
>> Yes, I think this  would be very helpfull. Otherwise I see a lot of
>> people complaining about Maven and that is not able to do its work.
> Such warning messages could only be issued by Aether. That cannot be
> done in 3.4. We already reverted the things in question in 3.4 so that
> the issues you are running into no longer exist in 3.4 although it's
> really the other way around. There are issues in the project you could
> not notice because Maven makes those issues appear as correct behaviour.
> They will pop up again in a later Maven version. Maybe 3.5. No one knows
> right now. I ran a build of your project and just saw it will start
> throwing ClassNotFound related exceptions/compilation issues. Not having
> looked into any details. What is written here
> <>
> is what Maven is aiming to adhere to. If we find a bug which makes it
> behave differently, we need to fix that on our side. The sooner the
> better so that people get a chance to notice as early as possible.
> That's what has happened. Current 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT should again support
> your project the way it did before. Does not solve the issues at hand.
> You can always download a recent Maven SNAPSHOT from
> <>. It
> would help a lot if people would be using such a SNAPSHOT more
> frequently so that we can sort out things more efficiently. Also helps
> to find out what to focus in the release notes.
> Regards,

N Oliver B. Fischer
A Schönhauser Allee 64, 10437 Berlin, Deutschland/Germany
P +49 30 44793251
M +49 178 7903538
S oliver.b.fischer

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