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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Preleminary Maven 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT Testing
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2016 23:16:05 GMT

On 7/3/16 12:46 AM, Christian Schulte wrote:
> Am 07/02/16 um 23:18 schrieb Karl Heinz Marbaise:
>> Hi,
>> On 7/2/16 2:06 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> ....
>>  >So we need to figure out a way to deliver the new behavior while
>> preserving
>>  >the old for a time being. Maybe a branch,
>>  > but I think the best way to do it is to have both behaviors exist in the
>>  > same codebase and turn on what we considered corrected behavior
>>  > with feature toggles.
>>  > Users can opt in early if they want to see the potential benefit
>>  > but it won’t affect users adversely or unintentionally.
>>  >Eventually over time the new behavior becomes the default and the old
>> behavior
>>  > can be toggled for the stragglers.
>> I have implemented as an example feature toggles as module via
>> MNG-6056[1] (on a branch) which makes all this possible.
>> So you can use things like:
>> --activate-features MNG9991,MNG9992
> I am all for active by default and giving a chance to disable things if
> needed. We do want the "features" to be active and we do want users to
> notice there is an issue they need to fix.

It is true that WE (maven devs) want the features to be active but the 
users are the leaders (the community) which means we should not break by 
default builds...(it does not really matter if the users needed to fix 
their builds/pom's etc. cause they are using a feature wrong or relying 
on a behaviour which is wrong etc.)..

Only if a users decides to acitvate a feature toggle he decided to 
check/test that intention...

Apart from that already explained in detail by Jason...

 > They can disable things if
> needed then but it's them who need to handle that and who need to know
> why they need to disable a feature and what to do about it.

 > Not
> activating things by default makes no sense in my opinion.

It makes completely sense, cause it keeps compatibility over the minor 
releases which gives us the chance to do changes without breaking a 
large number of builds (maybe millions of builds) default...

> --activate-features list,of,twenty,issues after a few releases. Nobody
> wants that. We want --deactivate-features list,
> of,only,the,issues,users,have,to,fix,themselves,we,do,not,care,about,when,and,how,they,will,do,if,they,ever,will,do,anything,at,all

If we make the decision to make a particular feature the default we can 
simple remove it from the feature toggle list...Or we can make to 
produce it warnings etc.

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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