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From "David M. Karr" <>
Subject Re: Why isn't maven-dependency-plugin copying my artifacts anymore?
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2016 06:11:58 GMT
On 03/10/2016 09:43 PM, Uwe Barthel wrote:
> I tried:
> 'mvn clean' removes the lib/ and target/ folder.
> 'mvn package' puts the libs into lib/ again.
> I delete all libs in lib/ folder but let the lib/ folder itself and the target folder
> ‘mvn package’ works as expected.

As usual, this still isn't doing anything for me.

This time I looked closer at the console output.  I'm thinking there's a 
clue here.  I looked closer at the output from 
"maven-dependency-plugin".  This is what I saw:
[INFO] --- maven-dependency-plugin:2.10:unpack (unpack-license) @ ---
[INFO] Configured Artifact: 
[INFO] Unpacking 

to .../git/yangide/plugins/ with 
includes "" and excludes "META-INF/**"

This is the only occurrence of "maven-dependency-plugin" in the build 
output, and notice that it's the "unpack" goal, not the "copy" goal.  
This reference to the "unpack" goal is in the parent of the parent of 
this pom.  Is this causing the maven-dependency-plugin to somehow skip 
the "copy" goal?

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