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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject Re: Site Plugin 3.5 URL behavior and multi-module builds
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2016 07:50:36 GMT
yes, it is expected behaviour: see "inheritance assembly" step of model 
builder [1]

in your case, your config cause artifactId to be added twice: one on 
project.url and one on site.url before ${project.url} is interpolated

You should just not use ${project.url} in distributionManagement/site: that's 
what is causing you the issue

Notice: this strategy (adding artifactId) was perfect for a good number of 
years, when sites were deployed to filesystems: with sites deployed to git, it 
is known that it does not fit this case, and you're not the first to complain 
(without really understanding why "it does not work as expected" on your case: 
the important part here is *on your case*, because this git case is what cause 
some new requirements that did not exist before)

I have prepared a new feature for (future) Maven 3.4.0 in MNG-5951 [2]
This will give attributes to disable artifactId addition on fields that have 
this url inheritance feature






Le jeudi 10 mars 2016 09:29:09 Elliot Metsger a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm using the Maven site plugin with a multi-module build.  The generated
> site is going to be deployed to GitHub, so I'm only using the Maven site
> plugin to generate and stage content locally, not deploy.
> I have a placeholder distributionManagement/site element in my POM so that
> site:stage can generate links between the modules of my site.  However, my
> child modules are getting inexplicable values for their site url:
> Parent module distributionManagement/site (${project.url} =
>   <distributionManagement>
>     <site>
>       <id>github</id>
>       <name>GitHub Pages Website</name>
>       <url>${project.url}</url>
>     </site>
>   </distributionManagement>
> Parent module, help:effective-pom:
>     <distributionManagement>
>       <site>
>         <id>github</id>
>         <name>GitHub Pages Website</name>
>         <url></url>
>       </site>
>     </distributionManagement>
> So far, so good.  However, the child module's
> distributionManagement/site/url is not what I expected.  Notice that the
> child module name 'package-ingest-api' is repeated twice in the url:
> Child module, help:effective-pom (project url =
>   <distributionManagement>
>     <site>
>       <id>github</id>
>       <name>GitHub Pages Website</name>
>       <url>
> ngest-api </url>
>     </site>
>   </distributionManagement>
> Is this expected behavior?
> Thanks,
> Elliot

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