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From "Thibault, Daniel" <>
Subject RE: How to activate proxy from settings.xml using CLI
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2016 21:44:32 GMT
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De : Bruno Borges [] 
Envoyé : 4 février 2016 15:03

Looking at docs for 3.3.9 [1], I noticed the following:

proxies/proxy* List<Proxy> *(Many)* Configuration for different proxy profiles. Multiple
proxy profiles might come in handy for anyone working from a notebook or other mobile platform,
to enable easy switching of entire proxy configurations by simply specifying the profile id,
again either from the command line or from the defaults section below.
It says that I can activate a proxy defined in settings.xml using command-line, but there
is no option when looking at *mvn -h. * Perhaps I didn't look well enough, but I couldn't
find in docs how to activate a proxy using CLI.


*Bruno Borges*
+1 (650) 454-9628
* <>*

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   It seems unimplemented as yet.  The only way I see of switching proxy sets is to switch
settings.xml using the -s option.

Daniel U. Thibault, M.Sc.²

Computer Scientist, MCCS-SPC, Valcartier Research Centre 
Defence Research and Development Canada / Government of Canada / Tel: 418-844-4000x4245 Fax: 418-844-4538 / Tel: 418-844-4000x4245 Fax: 418-844-4538
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