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From Alexander Kriegisch <>
Subject Re: Should I disable maven-compiler-plugin when using aspectj-maven-compiler?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 07:47:07 GMT

Dagan, I use the AspectJ Maven Plugin a lot, I just did not get around to answering. But you
found my (kriegaex) answer on StackOverflow anyway, so you have a working solution. This is
what I use all the time, i.e. useIncrementalCompilation=false for Maven Compiler and phase=process-sources
for AspectJ Maven. Deactivating Maven Compiler altogether is also an option because the AspectJ
compiler internally uses the Eclipse Java Compiler and thus is a full replacement for Javac.
Alexander Kriegisch

> Am 14.01.2016 um 08:21 schrieb Dagan Sandler <>:
> Sorry if you were offended for some reason, but let's look at it
> objectively:
> 1) I ask a question, you post an answer with a link to a website that
> contains a message that it was migrated to a different location. Since I
> don't really know what you thought was there, I can't really guess where to
> find this new location
> 2) While I haven't posted my entire configuration, I am asking this
> question on the Maven-Users mailing list, so I don't understand why you
> would need to "speculate" on if I'm using Maven/Gradle/Ant
> 3) I have posted a description of the basic configuration I am using (2
> maven plugins in conjunction), and was asking what is the best practice for
> using these side-by-side, or if it's necessary at all. As I wrote in my
> original message, I have valid workarounds that achieve what I need. All
> I'm asking is if someone knows if there are down/upsides to using either.
> 4) I am well capable of understanding what I need for my implementation and
> know how to write a working build script, thank you.
> 5) For some reason, your messages are being sent with awful formatting,
> which I'm guessing isn't really your fault, but it makes it really hard to
> read, so I'm sorry if I misunderstood anything you were trying to say. Take
> a look here
> <>for
> example...
> Finally, regardless of everything, I would still like to thank you for
> trying to help. I do appreciate it.
> BR,
> Dagan.

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