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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Offlining maven: how to set up the p2 cache?
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 00:11:10 GMT
You are attempting to do a Tycho build which to my knowledge will not work in offline mode.
You can do as Ron suggests and use a repository manager, or you might want to ask on the Tycho
users list for possible work arounds:

> On Jan 28, 2016, at 3:54 PM, Thibault, Daniel <>
>   I have these two projects that need to be compiled offline.  I thought I would first
compile them on-line and then transplant the ~/.m2/repository to the offline system.  However,
something isn't quite right.  I'm using Apache Maven 3.3.9 and Java 1.8.0_45.
>   The two projects (when run with 'mvn --offline') both give a failure along the lines
> [INFO] Adding repository
> [ERROR] Failed to resolve target definition <...>.target: Failed to load p2 metadata
repository from location Repository system
is offline and no local cache available for
-> [Help 1]
>   Isn't the p2 cache in ~/.m2/repository/p2 ?
>   Strangely, the two projects behave differently.
>   For one, building offline fails as described above while building online fetches 15
compositeContent.xml, content.jar, content.xml.xz and p2.index from before
using the cache and completing normally.
>   For the other, the first offline run caused a Java exception (same error as above,
somehow not handled).  I then ran it online, successfully (same behaviour as the other project).
 But running it offline now succeeds as well!
>   What is the established procedure for setting up the m2 and p2 caches in order to ensure
maven builds succeed offline?
> Daniel U. Thibault, M.Sc.²
> Informaticien scientifique, CME-PSC, Centre de recherches de Valcartier
> Recherche et développement pour la défense Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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><> / Tél: 418-844-4000x4245
Téléc: 418-844-4538
> Computer Scientist, MCCS-SPC, Valcartier Research Centre
> Defence Research and Development Canada / Government of Canada
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><> / Tel: 418-844-4000x4245
Fax: 418-844-4538
> DRDC is an agency of the Department of National Defence / RDDC est une agence du ministère
de la Défense nationale



Jason van Zyl
Founder, Takari and Apache Maven

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