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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [rpm-maven-plugin] how to control the name under which rpm is stored in m2 repository?
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 18:44:08 GMT
Our organization has a convention for naming rpms. Typically, the rpm 
will have a shorter base name than the Maven project. There is also a 
convention around how releases are named. So we want a name 

I want to build such rpms using the rpm-maven-plugin rather than older 
nmake technology.

And this is easily accomplished using the plugin's parameters. The rpm 
generated in the target directory has the desired name.

However, when|mvn install|installs this rpm into the maven repository, 
it insists on storing it the "maven 

I want the rpm stored in the standard maven repository directory using 
the name that is initially created on package.

I also tried using the maven-install-plugin (install-file goal) and did 
not get the results I was after.

How may I accomplish this?

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