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From <>
Subject Re: Extracting classes from a separate project?
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:56:15 GMT

On 2015-12-01T10:45:16 -0600
Curtis Rueden <> wrote:

> Great question!
> I see a couple of approaches:
> 1) Technical solution: I think you are on the right track to use the
> maven-shade-plugin. But you shouldn't need the maven-dependency-plugin. The
> shade plugin is pretty powerful. Why not just make your single-module
> library artifact an "uber-JAR" consisting only of its own sources plus the
> relocated+minimized fastutil classes, using <minimizeJar>true</minimizeJar>?

The project is actually a multi-module project, with several modules
requiring access to the fastutil classes. My main concern is how well
IDEs will be able to cope with this...

> 2) Social solution: start a discussion with the fastutil team about
> modularizing their library for a future (breaking) release. Right now the
> packages are divided by primitive type, which seems backwards to me. Better
> would be to divide by data structure, with all primitive types in each data
> structure package. Then you could cherry pick only the needed data
> structure(s) of interest. Obviously this is a longer-term solution.

I expect I will approach them, but as you say, that is a longer-term
solution and doesn't help right now.

> 3) Punt. Just depend on fastutil and make no apologies. 16MB is really not
> that big of a deal these days. Is slimming ~10MB from your footprint really
> worth the developer time investment of mucking around with shade etc.?

Unfortunately, when it comes to network bandwidth, that is still a big
deal here and in other parts of the world.


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