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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: profile activation with multiple conditions
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2015 22:26:27 GMT
Justin Georgeson wrote:

> So here's a minimal parent pom.xml, which lists 2 child modules that I
> created with 'mvn archetype:generate' choosing the
> 'maven-archetype-quickstart' archetype. My goal was that if I
> mvn package
> Then the compile/test/package occurs with no attempt to sign. But then by
> changing the command to
> mvn package -Djarsigner.keystore.scm.url=...
> -Djarsigner.keystore.scm.user=... -Djarsigner.keystore.scm.password=... \
>              -Djarsigner.storepass=...
> Then it checks out a single copy of the keystore during the package phase
> of the parent project, and the jarsigner profile automatically activates
> during each of the modules due to the presence of the keystore file.
> Instead it's deleting the keystore and checking out the keystore file
> during every project (or instead of and of profile activation conditions),
> and the jarsigner profile is not automatically activated.

Profile activation is quite the first thing Maven does. So, the file has to 
be already there when Maven starts.

Form your description I got the impression that you "create" somehow the 
file during the build and expects then that Maven takes it into 
consideration for profile activation. That will never happen. And this has 
nothing to do with multiple profile conditions.


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