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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Upgrading to 3.3.3
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:36:06 GMT
Hi David,

On 9/14/15 5:57 PM, David Hoffer wrote:
> The reason for the Ant script is historical.  It's a very large project
> that back in the day was 100% Ant.  Over time portions were migrated to
> Maven, the only way to integrate with the larger Ant script is with
> Maven-Ant-Task.  Today all the developer builds are pure maven but most
> of the CI builds have to do more than installers, build ISO
> images, etc.  Unfortunately those other tasks are still Ant.

I would say it's time to migrate...and leave Ant for Maven related 
things....Can you tell me what kind of installers ? ISO image ? As far 
as i remember there is a maven plugin which creates iso images (Stephen 
Connolly has written something like that if my memory does not mistaken 

> We don't have any '.mvn' folders.  Shouldn't multiModuleProjectDirectory
> just default to the same folder that has the top level pom?

Yes in this case it is exactly that should add property set in 
your ant task to define the property...that should fix the problem...but 
i'm not sure if this will fix it completely...why don't you call 
"mvn.cmd" or "mvn" from the ant task...

So wait a are using Maven Ant Tasks to call maven? Sounds 
strange ...why not directly calling Maven...

 >Not clear
> why pure maven build works w/o setting multiModuleProjectDirectory but
> not when using Maven-Ant-Task.

The difference is that pure Maven the property is set by the calling 
scripts ( mvn / mvn.cmd)...which will identify the root folder of a 
multi module build...and the Maven Ant Task does not know anything about 
that property...

> We don't call "mvn.bat" or "mvn.cmd" directly as that must be handled by
> Maven-Ant-Task.

Yes that's your issue, cause Maven Ant Task hasn't been updated/releases 
for a long time...and especially for Maven 3.3.X not...if you like to 
provide a patch ;-) ......?

 > I wondered if the change from bat to cmd was the cause
> of the problem, still not sure.

Not the change from .bat to .cmd...The change from bat to cmd was only 
to leave Win95 support...

The point is the usage for the root folder to find ".mvn" folder...which 
is needed cause the configuration (maven.config) is located there and 
jvm configuration (jvm.config) and extensions (extensions.xml) are being 
loaded from there...

 >  I did see that Maven-Ant-Task has not
> been updated in quite some time, it's unfortunate if it needs to be
> updated for Maven 3.3.3 and not just work the same as prior versions.

The problem is that sometimes things needed to be changed...yes it is 

To be honest there had been several discussions to resign the 
Maven-Ant-Tasks and the maven-antrun-plugin....

Are you aware of the need of Java 7 for Maven 3.3.X ?

> Are you saying that 3.3.3 isn't going to work with Maven-Ant-Task?

At the moment no one is working ont Maven Ant Task...which means in 
other words at the moment Yes.

 >  If
> so we will have to stay with 3.2.5 until that's updated or we can
> replace our remaining Ant builds...but that isn't likely to happen soon.

The questions is what exactly prevents you from updating..which tasks do 
you use ? I assume you use it within CI (Jenkins presumably?)...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

> -Dave
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Karl Heinz Marbaise <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     if you call via Ant script? Why? Special requirement ?
>     Are you on Windows or Linux ?
>     Do you call the "mvn.bat" or "mvn.cmd" file ? Do you call the file
>     from the distribution ?
>     Apart from that the property is intended to find the root folder of
>     a multi module build where the ".mvn" folder can be located...
>     See Release notes for more details on it...
>     Maven-Ant-Task has not been updated for Maven 3.3.X as far as i know...
>     Kind regards
>     Karl Heinz Marbaise
>     On 9/14/15 5:14 PM, David Hoffer wrote:
>         We are attempting to upgrade our CI builds to use Maven 3.3.3
>         but are
>         getting new errors with that version (3.2.5 worked).
>         The error is: -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory system propery
>         is not
>         set. Check $M2_HOME environment variable and mvn script match.
>         This only seems to be an issue with some of our builds,
>         specifically the
>         ones where the top level build is an Ant script that calls Maven via
>         maven-ant-tasks.
>         What is this new property multiModuleProjectDirectory, why was
>         it added and
>         how do I fix this? The online links on this issue seem vague and
>         point to
>         updates needed in Eclipse and IntelliJ but in my case there is
>         no IDE just
>         a CI build.
>         Any help is greatly appreciated.
>         -Dave

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