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From Dishant Anand <>
Subject Project automation
Date Sat, 23 May 2015 06:47:16 GMT
Hi community ,

I am trying to achieve project creation automation using maven console, 
I can see that we can build archetype and deploy them over to nexus 
repository . So a user simply open a maven console and create project 
faster . Now here comes one twist in the requirements , Suppose I 
created a project using maven archetype and while creation , I also want 
to integrate some other things like lets say shiro .

So what i am trying to achieve is ....

Person runs in mvn generate:archetype name_of_custom_archetype
. .
. . . .
while the project is building maven console comes back asking , Here are 
some other feature you may like to include ? example  -  shiro , jasper 
, alfresco , switchyard etc etc.

Person selects shiro . In that case the shiro dependencies and all it 
files also goes into the project.

Is there any way /any plugin or anything to achieve this in maven ?


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