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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Surprise DEPENDENCIES file from a maven plugin
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 05:38:20 GMT
Hi Christopher,

the DEPENDENCIES file is generated by the maven-remote-resources-plugin

Lines 308-323 ...

We have in our parent a special exclusion for the apache-rat-plugin

Lines 979-1002

The handling of the DEPENDENCIES files is already addresses to the 
apache-rat team via

This means in other words that you have to add the configuration for the 
apache-rat-plugin into your project until the RAT-184 has been solved by 
a new release (RAT 0.12)...

and a new ASF release which will be done until the new release of 
apache-rat is out...

On 5/11/15 11:35 PM, Christopher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to figure out where this extra DEPENDENCIES file is coming
> from in the root of my source-release tarball using the latest ASF
> parent POM (org.apache:apache:pom:17) during a release.
> This file seems to fail the apache-rat check, and makes the
> -source-release.tar.gz fail to match the SHA-1 git commit.

I see fialing the apache-rat check but the SHA-1 git commit i don't 
understand ?

> Our project (Apache Accumulo) used to override the
> maven-assembly-plugin execution in the apache-release profile and
> build at the "validate" phase of the build lifecyle, but now we're
> deferring to the parent POM, which executes this assembly at the
> "package" phase. Some plugin appears to be modifying the source
> directory by adding this DEPENDENCIES file (which is empty, except for
> its header, because the root of our project doesn't have any
> dependencies) before the "package" phase, but I'm not sure which one.
> Has anybody seen this? Perhaps in another ASF project which depends on
> the ASF parent POM?
> --
> Christopher L Tubbs II
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Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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