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From Johannes Ernst <>
Subject use of exec in multiple phases
Date Wed, 13 May 2015 21:17:26 GMT
I’d like to invoke exec-maven-plugin with different arguments during different phases of
the build, and I’m failing. I hope somebody can help me.

This is what works:

parent pom: (invokes a code generator)


project pom:


Now I’d like to also invoke exec just prior to surefire running tests, but only in the project
pom (not in other projects that use the same parent). So I want to attach it to


and for argument’s sake, let’s say I simply want it to invoke “echo ‘I succeeded in
attaching another exec’”

Where would I declare what?



P.S. I haven’t gotten any responses to two previous questions on this list this month; I
hope this one will fare better.

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