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From Endo Alejandro <>
Subject RE: Looking for a way to visualize dependency structure of my multi-module pom project
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:33:25 GMT
If by module granularity you mean excluding/including certain modules, check this pull request
I did on the maven-graph-plugin that has never been and probably will never be merged to the
main line (Ah the beauty of opensource, you scratch your own itch and contribute it to the
community but nobody cares). It does what I think you are asking for: it introduces a list
of included/excluded groupIds.

You would have to check it out and build it locally, but it worked fine last time I tried
it over a year ago.

It currently does not allow filtering based on artifactId, but if you look at the diff, you
can see that it would be fairly easy to introduce that change. For me, filtering by groupId
was enough since I wanted to visualize only our group's dependencies

Hope it helps,


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From: Pisarev, Vitaliy [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 04:46 AM
Subject: Looking for a way to visualize dependency structure of my multi-module pom project

I have a pretty large project (~30 modules) and want to visualize module inter dependencies,
excluding 3rd party.

It seems that existing tools simply can't handle the maven reactor. The maven dependency plugin
(dependency:tree goal) knows how to generate graphml, but only per module. And if I use the
append flag, it simply shoves everything to a single file, so the output is a corrupted graphml.

I also found this tool<> but
it seems that there is no way to control module granularity.

My last resort would be to parse the output of dependency:tree, but I thought I'll consult
the community before this.

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