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From Adam Retter <>
Subject Re: Emotional Support Group for Typesafe Maven Users
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 12:50:11 GMT
I have used Maven for plenty of Scala and Akka projects, but never for
a Play project as Play seems to have its own idea of application
structure and layout and it is easier to just stick with it for Play.

On 3 December 2014 at 19:11, Eric Kolotyluk <> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a good emotional support group for people trying to use
> Maven with Typesafe projects such as Akka and Play?
> I was thinking maybe there could a buddy/sponsor system, such as used in AA
> and other self help groups. Maybe there might be group sessions where people
> can talk about their trauma, especially by being constantly invalidated by
> comments such as "you should use the simple build tool SBT, cause, well you
> know, it's simple and easy to use."
> Seriously though, is there a community of people who are successfully using
> Maven with Akka an Play projects? I would love to meet you.
> I can see why people who have tried Maven naturally think "oh, its' too
> complicated, anyone can write a simple build tool that does what Maven
> does." Clearly they do not appreciate what Maven is or what it does. SBT and
> Gradle are two great examples of projects that attempted to do something
> more simple, but in the end, really don't measure up.
> I personally think the Scala community would be been better served if more
> investment was made in developing better Scala build tools within the Maven
> framework. More and better plugins for Scala, Akka, Play, etc.  Better use
> of
> I don't know if there is a Scala template for writing Maven plugins (or
> mojos), but there should be.
> The more I use SBT, the less I like it. It is not what I consider a serious
> build tool for build engineers, it is a toy or playground for Scala hackers
> who thrive on the abstruse. Don't get me wrong, I love Scala, but creating a
> build tool around .scala files just invites the use of chicken tracks and
> obscure overly concise cleverness that leads to one WTF experience after
> another. /It is actually possible to write Scala code that you can reason
> about,/ but it just as easy to write Scala code that resembles APL, and
> reasoning about build engineering was clearly not a priority with the
> designers of SBT.
> The Scala-IDE was a really great approach because it leveraged off of an
> existing IDE infrastructure such as Eclipse, rather than trying to write an
> IDE from scratch the way SBT does. I wish the Scala/Typesafe community had
> taken the same approach with build-tools.
> - Eric

Adam Retter

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