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From Jeroen Hoek <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] In the event of adopting the owl as project mascot, what will we call it?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:26:15 GMT
I would recommend leaving it without a name. The mascot can help in
providing Maven with a stronger visual identity, but I'm not convinced
naming it is helpful.

On the contrary, it might come across as 'silly' or 'unprofessional',
which for me goes against the nature of Maven: a mature tool many use
as one of the steps towards stabilizing and professionalizing their
code base.

Why not call it simply 'The Maven Owl'?

Kind regards,

Jeroen Hoek

2014-11-25 12:05 GMT+01:00 Stephen Connolly <>:
> When I created this owl, I gave it the name "Couché Tard" which is a french
> nickname for an owl (literal translation: "Sleeps Late")....
> Early versions of this owl have ended up with the nickname "Shotgun Owl"
> due to the belly feathers being white in the initial versions, which some
> people thought made it look like it had been shot.
> Some people feel that we shouldn't name a mascot...
> As creator of the graphic, I could force the issue... but I would much
> rather if the community has a name that the community wants.
> Please provide your suggestions in this thread. If the owl is adopted as a
> mascot, we will have a second vote thread to confirm its name.
> I personally recommend a gender neutral name.

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