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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject [VOTE] Change project logo and adopt owl as mascot
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 10:57:09 GMT
For anyone who has been living under a rock, here is the background


I think everyone can agree that the site needs a reorganisation and a
rewrite. Users cannot find what they need, and the end result is that
people keep on abusing maven rather than having maven help them.

Try as I might, I have been unable to motivate myself to do the
reorganisation with the current dated look and feel of the site... I am not
saying that picking a new logo and selecting a mascot will result in making
progress, but it can't hurt and I believe it will help

Proposed changes

1. Change the logo font to Alte Haas Grotesk Bold with italics applied by
2. Change the highlighted letter from 'a' to 'v' and replace the v with two
Apache Feathers
3. Adopt the (currently unnamed) owl as our mascot

Here is a link to the font:

Here is a large version of the owl and the logo:

A regular version of the own and the logo, e.g. a size suitable for use in
the top of the standard maven sites:

(Note that in all likelihood, the mascot would probably end up on the other
side of the title bar from the logo... and that is IF the mascot ends up on
the title bar)

Here is both of those rendered in a site (as it can be helpful to see the
graphics adjacent to text)

Logo Rational

If we do some searches for the Maven logo:

Our current logo, with a single highlighted letter stands out quite well
from the other "maven" logos, so keeping a highlighted letter and an italic
rendered font maintains continuity with our current logo.

By changing the highlighted letter to the `v` and by using two Apache
feathers to create the `v`, we connect our logo back to Apache... we are
Apache Maven after all.

The `v` is also the common short term for version (e.g.v3 is short for
version 3). Apache Maven puts a lot of emphasis on versions of dependencies
and plugins... you could say that versions are very important to Maven.

The colours of the feather were changed to solid colours to match the owl
mascot's scarf, beak and eyebrows

Voting rules

Anyone who is subscribed to the dev or users list is eligible to vote.

If you vote multiple times, only your final vote will be counted.

The vote will be open until 1:00pm GMT on Wed 3rd Dec 2014

The vote is for all three changes as one single change. Partial votes (e.g.
for the logo but not the mascot, or vice-versa) will not be counted.

I, as the caller of the vote, reserve the right to cancel the vote if this
vote is putting the harmony of the community at risk.

If a majority of the PMC believe that this vote is putting the harmony of
the community at risk, then the PMC may cancel this vote (though if even a
small minority of the PMC were of that belief, I will more than likely have
cancelled the vote before the PMC would need to decide... I'm just stating
this FTR)

The decision will be a simple majority, there will be no special veto

+1: [ ] Change the logo to the proposed logo and adopt the owl as project
0: [ ] No opinion
-1: [ ] No change

Please only respond with +1, 0 or -1. If you want to discuss the proposed
changes please use a different thread. This thread is for voting only.


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