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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Sorting javadoc output by importance of documentation and length of docs?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2014 13:56:22 GMT

Here are a couple of articles on how the problem can be solved in a 
professional way using standard tools.
This allows you to mix Javadoc with other documents in an automated way 
to produce a PDF or web site that documents your system.
DITA is an XML_based OASIS standard for producing documents of all 
types. I have used it for a manual and for a training methodology study 
for a client.

Generate DITA Java API reference documentation using DITADoclet and DITA 
API specialization

Using Javadoc and XML to Produce API Reference Documentation


On 19/11/2014 8:22 AM, James Green wrote:
> If your project contains a large number of classes, perhaps for 
> summation purposes you could wrap these up into a higher level project 
> with fewer classes that expose the essentials with documentation? 
> Another alternative I'm seeing "out there" is a docs folder alongside 
> src that holds information for web site publication. Static site 
> generators can then kick in during the build and publish. On 16 
> November 2014 19:28, Kevin Burton <> wrote:
>> This is slightly off topic so I apologize. Javadoc is great for the 
>> developer but the main problem is that important documents can be 
>> hidden in a sea of classes. My Javadoc tends to have say 20-40 
>> important documents on the design of a system but the rest of the 
>> Javadoc just tends to have an overview. I’d like a way to organize it 
>> more as a book, maybe even by the length of the documentation instead 
>> of being organized as a table of contents. This way my ops guys and 
>> other members of the team can find the documentation they’re looking 
>> for and not necessarily how a specific component behaves. -- 
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