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From Curtis Rueden <>
Subject Re: move data from pom to class or class to pom
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:26:16 GMT
Hi Alejandro,

> I have a java class that has a constant in it (static final String).
> This string is a version number, e.g. "1.3.2-test".

Beware: the Java compiler often inlines constants, _including String
constants_, into classes that reference the value. So if you compile a
class "Foo" against version 1 of library "bar", then run with version 2 of
"bar" in the classpath, Foo will still see the constant value as 1 instead
of 2.

Much, much better to embed the version number into the JAR manifest, and/or
read it out of the Maven POM which the maven-jar-plugin embeds in the JAR


On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 1:18 PM, <> wrote:

> I have a java class that has a constant in it (static final String). This
> string is a version number, e.g. "1.3.2-test". I need to have this same
> value in a maven plugin configuration (the jaxb plugin) so I am wondering,
> is it better to keep the actual declaration in the code and somehow tell
> maven to take it from the code, or is it better to declare it in the pom
> and tell java to take the literal value to define the constant from the
> pom??
> I don't know how to do either so I would also like to hear some ideas. I
> am hoping i don't have to use resource filtering since having a source
> file as a resource is kind of problematic to me. It has to be ONLY that
> file that gets filtered, it would need to be in a non-standard location
> not src/main/java (maybe this is not true), and in general, it seems to me
> that treating source code as resource is counter-intuitive
> Has anyone else solved this issue with the DRY principle across behaviour
> and build system?
> The short background is that maven generates an XML schema via jaxb and
> this schema file is then made available at runtime via a service
> Thank you,
> Alejandro Endo | Software Designer/Concepteur de logiciels
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> Thank You.

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