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From David Hoffer <>
Subject Various 'Unable to create Marker'/'Access is denied' Maven build errors
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:50:28 GMT
I have a fairly large Maven build where I often get build errors relating
to failures to either create something on the local disk or delete
something.  The module that fails varies but here is an example.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal
(unpack-build-tools) on project orchestration-parent: Unable to create
Access is denied -> [Help 1]

I've been trying to track down the cause for some time...and think/thought
I figured it out last week.  My toolset is Maven 3.0.x, IntelliJ 13.x &
JDK7.x.  I generally build, the Maven build, using the nice GUI integration
IntelliJ has with Maven as it lets me select the profiles I need easily,
and that's when the failure occurs...if I use Maven integrated with

However today I got a failure with a Maven command line build as well, but
it was right after I saw the exact same error using IntelliJ so I don't
know if IntelliJ/Maven left the system in a bad state or exactly what
happened.  What I can say is that when I went to
C:\svn\SPACEOPS\JMS\trunk\orchestration\ folder using Windows Explorer it
showed the target folder but I could not delete it...I got an Access is
denied error...and after trying a few times got an error saying that it
can't be deleted because it doesn't exist.

So I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas what is going on.  Does Maven do
anything asynchronously where one thread is deleting a file/folder and
another is creating it?   Maybe Maven is not freeing file locks/handles so
Windows thinks the files/folders exist?  Why would Maven integrated with
IntelliJ show this error 'more'?  Maybe it's system related?  I have a Dell
M4700 with SSD.

Just trying to get a handle on how to fix this...not sure where the problem


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