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From "David Evans" <>
Subject Upload 3rd party jars retaining original names
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:20:22 GMT
Is it possible to put a bunch of 3rd party jars into a Maven repository
so that they can be accessed by a project using their original names?

I am developing against a 3rd party software package that includes about
a dozen supporting jar files. I am trying to upload these jars into a
Maven repository such that I can put a dependency in my development
project that puts all of the original jars on my classpath. I have

* insert jars individually (and as a collection) using Nexus console but
the stored jar is named {artifactId}-{version} 

* create jar projects with various source structures but, again, the
stored jar is named {artifactId}-{version}

* create a jar project containing an assembly: I can make the 3rd party
jars visible with their original names but, yet again, they are put into
in a jar named {artifactId}-{version}.

Context is that I'm just beginning to try and replace historical
Ant/Eclipse projects with Maven/Eclipse. I've read through "Maven The
Definitive Guide" and Googled as much as I can but I'm at a stage where
I'm not even sure I'm asking sensible questions.  If there's a "how to"
document around (with worked examples rather than isolated XML
fragments) that would be great.  If I'm missing the point of Maven and
trying to implement an Ant concept that would be good to know too.

Thanks in advance


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