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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Best way to use closed-source jars with maven repository
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 16:07:01 GMT
I have a client application that was developed with Websphere MQ.  Our 
company has a Maven nexus repository.  In this repository, we have a 
place to store third party jars.  In here I stored the MQ jars.  Since 
the repository demanded a version number I provided one (,, etc) and in each case these version numbers were appended to 
the jar name.  This led to a clean build and deploy process and everyone 
was happy.

Now we have need of turning on MQ traces.  It turns out that IBM offers 
no way of doing this unless the jar files are in a single directory 
named exactly as IBM named them in their release.  So we have to 
repackage the application so as to accomplish this.

Before I jump into hacking this mess into place, is there a recommended 
way of handling this so that the maven repository, maven, and ibm are 
all happy?

Steve Cohen

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