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From Hervé Boutemy <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Doxia base and Doxia Site Tools 1.6 Released
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2014 19:51:51 GMT
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Doxia 
base and Doxia Site Tools 1.6, version 1.6

Doxia is a content generation framework that provides powerful techniques for 
generating static and dynamic content, supporting a variety of markup 
Doxia Site Tools is an extension of base Doxia component that generates either 
sites, consisting of decoration and content that was generated by Doxia, or 
documents like RTF or PDF.

Release Notes - Maven Doxia base - Version 1.6

** Bug
    * [DOXIA-386] - Snippet Macro:  Reference file does not support UTF-8 file 
format to generate the page garbage
    * [DOXIA-503] - Plexus components cannot be abstract classes
    * [DOXIA-509] - Multi-markdown metadata is too greedy
    * [DOXIA-515] - <div> elements in markdown html block content are silently 

** Improvement
    * [DOXIA-510] - create parser.module equivalent to

** Task
    * [DOXIA-514] - Prepare unittests for JDK8

Release Notes - Maven Doxia Sitetools - Version 1.6

** Bug
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-76] - Missing inheritance of 'googleAdSenseClient', 
'googleAdSenseSlot' and 'googleAnalyticsAccountId' elements.
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-87] - inconsistent newlines between template content 
from skin and generated content
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-91] - Section title anchors are not at a good place in 
generated HTML

** Improvement
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-84] - move o.a.m.doxia.sink.render.RenderingContext from 
Doxia core to Doxia Site Renderer
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-85] - move RenderingContext from o.a.m.doxia.sink.render 
package to o.a.m.doxia.siterenderer
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-86] - Use a linguisticly proper separator between 
project name and doc title in HTML title

** New Feature
    * [DOXIASITETOOLS-90] - site inheritance controllable


-The Apache Maven team

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