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From Curtis Rueden <>
Subject Fwd: [maven-nar] Release: nar-maven-plugin 3.1.0
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 03:15:03 GMT

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From: Johannes Schindelin <>
Date: Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 1:04 PM
Subject: [maven-nar] Release: nar-maven-plugin 3.1.0

Dear NAR plugin users,

it is my pleasure to announce version 3.1.0 of our beloved plugin.

It is available as com.github.maven-nar:nar-maven-plugin:3.1.0 from Maven

It has been a while since 3.0.0 was released and we accumulated a couple
of changes:

- the source code was reformatted for consistency

- the documentation was cleaned up, see

- initial support for FreeBSD

- fix download of SNAPSHOT nar dependencies

- support passing compile options exclusive to tests' sources

- support ARM

- support maven.test.skip=true'

- fix <clearDefaultOptions> handling for compiler-specific default options

- support <gnuConfigureInPlace> to avoid duplicating huge autoconf-based
  project directories

- skip copy steps when the time stamps suggest it to be unnecessary

- fix NullPointerExceptions when a command-line executable is configured to
  run, but no options were specified

- fix quoting of compiler parameters on Windows, e.g. when passing

As always, this release would not be possible without the help of quite a
number of contributors. This is the shortlog:

Johannes Schindelin (14):
      Add a code formatting template for Eclipse
      Clarify the situation on cpptasks in the documentation
      site: Fix internal links to other pages
      Add a helper to upload the documentation
      upload-site: use Java 7 when possible
      upload-site: add redirectors
      Skip MSVC-specific test when vsvars32.bat has not run yet
      Only use .def files with MSVC's linker for now
      Verify that <testOptions> are inactive for src/main/c/
      Work around inconsistent command-line quoting on Windows
      Do not use the GPG agent for the release
      Update to a better release process
      Revert "Do not use the GPG agent for the release"
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare release nar-maven-plugin-3.1.0

Curtis Rueden (8): remove reference to Maven repository update Documentation to new .io suffix
      Do not use inner spaces in for loop declarations
      Do not ever put the opening brace on a new line
      Do not use inner spaces in if statements
      Use tabs instead of spaces
      Indent cases of switch statements
      mailmap: correct some names

Raymond Cheng (5):
      Resolve SNAPSHOT artifacts with multiple platform nar
      Fix NarTestCompileMojo resolve dependencies SNAPSHOT artifacts
      Add a test to verify that SNAPSHOT dependencies are resolved [...]
      Improve NarAssemblyMojo performance by skip copying older [...]
      Fix NarTestCompileMojo to exclude executable dependency

Steve Soloski (5):
      Fix NPE for command with no arguments
      Remove addressed TODO
      Add setType() method
      Add test for commands during nar-process-libraries
      Update nar-process-libraries command test for Windows

Conny Krappatsch (3):
      - fixed some mojo docu
      - fixed site internal links
      - fixed lifecycle docu

Masaki Muranaka (2):
      Add postBuildHookScript element to the configuration of [...]
      Support parameter "gnuConfigureInPlace".

Peter van Zetten (2):
      Allow additional options for nar-testCompile phase
      Add unit test for testOptions compilation flags

Alexandre de Paula (1):
      Avoid addition of compiler's default options to the command [...]

Marek Goldmann (1):
      Added ARM support

Rob Campbell (1):
      Avoid embedding timestamps in project structure file paths

Roland Asmann (1):
      Patch for skipping test-related goals when 'maven.test.skip=true'

Alexander Yerenkow (1):
      Initial support for FreeBSD platform

Thank you for your attention,

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