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From Ben Podgursky <>
Subject Concurrent maven processes using the same repository failing when new snapshot version downloaded
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 00:27:22 GMT
Hi all,

I'm running into a problem where maven processes using a shared repository
are getting exceptions when a new snapshot dependency is deployed.  Our
setup is:

- We use Jenkins continuous integration builds.  The builds are just
running a simple "mvn clean deploy".
- Our build machines often run builds for two projects simultaneously.
 When running simultaneously, the builds will share a maven respository.

We have (for simplification) three projects A, B, and C.  Each of these is
deployed as a snapshot at the end of a successful build.  Projects B and C
each depend on a snapshot version of of project A.

Intermittently, when projects B and C are running simultaneously on a
machine, the build which started first will begin to fail all tests with
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, where the classes not found belong to
project A.  I've verified that the classfiles are present in A's deployed

I *believe* what is happening is:

1) project B begins building, and starts surefire tests.
2) project A deploys a new snapshot version (possibly from a different
3) project C begings building.  Because our snapshot update policy is set
to "always", it downloads the new version of "A-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar", and
replaces the previous version in the local respository
4) the tests for project B start to fail because they are using a reference
to a file which has been deleted

I've looked into what surefire is putting on the classpath, and even though
the repository has the specific version of the snapshot available, (ex
"A-1.0-20140610.213850-369.jar"), it's putting
"analysis_lib-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" on the classpath.  I don't understand why
maven would prefer to use the artifact which could get replaced rather than
the semi-permanent artifact (I understand snapshot versions aren't
permanent, but it would at least survive for the duration of the build.)

My questions are:

- does this sequence of events seem plausible, or is there another
explanation to the exceptions I'm seeing?

- is there a way I can force maven to put the timestamped version of
artifacts on the classpath instead of the SNAPSHOT versions?  I understand
I can specify the timestamp in the pom.xml, but that's not what I want--I
just want it to choose the current version when the build starts, and use
that for the duration of the build.  I'm also familiar with mvn
versions:lock-snapshots, but I'd rather avoid it if possible because (1) it
adds build complexity and (2) it doesn't lock versions pulled in
transitively (ex D -> A -> B, if D was a snapshot), since I don't want to
deploy artifacts with locked versions

Thanks for your time,


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