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From Steinar Bang>
Subject What packaging for Jira excel reports with maven?
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 12:05:13 GMT
I have access to a Jar-file that contains code that:
 - Reads an excel file containing a JQL query, the names of the fields
   from the JQL results to include in excel, as well as the sheets that
   are to be populated
 - Talks to Jira, using the Jira REST API, to do the query and extract
   the results
 - Exports a new excel file populated with the query results

The Jar-file resides in a plexus archive, so I thought that having a
small maven project, containing a pom.xml and the template excel
spreadshet in src/main/resources/ would be a good match.

The idea was that I could:
 - set the Jar-file containing the excel export code as a dependency
 - use exec-maven-plugin to run the Jar
 - have the output of exec-maven-plugin (an excel file) as the build

But the idea stopped on that I don't know what packaging should be used
for the pom: "jar" didn't seem appropriate, so I tried "pom", but that
doesn't do anything (no target directory created).

Is maven appropriate for what I'm trying to do? Is there an appropriate
packaging to use?


- Steinar

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