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From Stefan Ferstl <>
Subject DependencyTreeBuilder vs. DependencyGraphBuilder
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 06:29:20 GMT
I'm using the org.apache.maven.shared:dependency-tree library to
gather dependency information on my projects. In order to get
additional information about version conflicts, I prefer to use
DependencyTreeBuilder instead of DependencyGraphBuilder. However, the
Javadoc of DependencyTreeBuilder says:

"Notice that it doesn't fail with Maven 3, but when Maven 2 and Maven
3 don't calculate the same transitive dependency result, the tree
calculated with this component is consistent with Maven 2 even if run
with Maven 3 (see MSHARED-167)"

The issue MSHARED-167 [1] was closed in June 2012. So may
DependencyTreeBuilder still produce different results than
DependencyGraphBuilder or is this not an issue anymore?



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