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From eugene <>
Subject Re: Scanning for Projects... before
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 14:09:00 GMT
I want to delete a directory from local repo before building a multi-module
I wrote a plugin for that and the directory get deleted indeed, but it gets
deleted too late.

What I mean: my project "Project" has a dependency "com.test" that is not
present in local repo. I run mvn clean install. What happens is that maven
is scanning for projects and all the dependencies that it needs, downloading
them (I guess though artifact resolver) to my local repo. Then my plugin is
hooked to the "pre-clean" phase and it removes the directory
".m2/repository/com". Now when "Project" actually needs dependency
"com.test" for the compile, this dependency is not present (my plugin
removed it) and maven fails.

Why do I have such a weird case? Imagine I have releases artifacts that
actually do not change their version, but do change their contents. Maven
will not update my local repo unless their are snapshots, right? Well
snapshot is not an option right now (due to corporate things).

That is why I first need to remove "com.test" then kick in the artifact

Thank you,

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