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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Maven-shade-plugin Class Overlap
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2014 18:06:03 GMT
> Well, I can find out which are and aren't but they change every release, and
> there will be many eventually. Which the filter using include/excludes would
> be unmanageable when it gets as large as I imagine it will be

Try this experiment for me.

Make 3 jar file with content as follows:
1.jar > a.class, b.class, c.class
2.jar > c.class, d.class, e.class
3.jar > a.class, c.class, f.class

Put some text in each file so you know which "version" (1, 2, or 3)
the file represents. These don't need to be real class files, just
plain txt files.

Now play with the shade plugin configuration to see you can
predict/configure the ordering of how these files are merged together.
You want something repeatable of course. I assume there is some
implicit ordering which takes place and which you can leverage to
guarantee your later versions of these files overwrites the earlier

If you can do this, then I think you will be able to see a solution to
your own problem.


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