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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Could not create staless EJB whith maven 3.2.1 but working fine with version 3.0.5
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 02:50:25 GMT
> With maven version 3.2.1, in fact same issue since version 3.1.1, I get
> the exception SCHWERWIEGEND: EJB5070: Exception creating stateless session
> bean : [RequirementBeanSL]
> when building the concerned  module with tests. Changing back to run the
> same tests with maven version 3.0.5, all tests run fine and pass.

Most likely there are plugin and/or jdk changes that are influencing
the change in results. And not just a change in the Maven version

> I would very much appreciate any hint on how to work around this problem.
> Of course, I could simple stick to maven version 3.0.5 as this works. But
> in the long run I would prefer to keep pace with the newer versions.

Do the following:
Go to command line.
Go to your project directory/folder.
Set path to be Maven 3.0.5 and run "mvn -X package > mvn305_out.txt".
Set path to be Maven 3.2.1 and run "mvn -X package > mvn321_out.txt".
Run "diff" or a similar command to compare the output.

Specifically, look at the plugins listed and try to narrow down what
is different which might cause this. You can "lock down" your plugin
versions with <version>[1.2.3]</version> and perhaps try using a
plugin that shows up when running 3.0.5 in 3.2.1 and vice-versa to
narrow it down.


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