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From Bernd Eckenfels <>
Subject Releasing clean "company" parent Poms
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:26:21 GMT

I am currently wondering what the best way would be to deploy a
"company wide" parent POM (with maven release plugin) but have only the
information in the parent POM which is actually about the object model
of the clients (and not the definitions for deploying and testing the

I have seen that the ASF and Maven parents have moved some release
related code to a second site-pom. So you dont have the site-specific
definitions cluttering up the parent pom.

However there is still SCM information and plugins in the parent pom.

So, basically there are multiple ways, one would be to use deploy-file,
another would be to attach a source file as a deployed artifact. I
wonder if there is a prefered way to do this. Or is there a reason not
to do it.

My main question is, how the coordinates of the build project and the
build artifacts would overlap?

So, I was thinking to have a repository like:

poms/pom.xml modules=company,... (com.pany.poms:aggregator:1.0)
     company/pom.xml             (com.pany.poms:company-build:1.0)
     company/src/pom/pom.xml     (com.pany.parent:pom:1.0)

When releasing poms/pom.xml the result would be a released company wide
parent pom which does by itself only contain project/company metadata
and not plugins for itself.

(I guess the easiest would be to manually deploy a static file, but in
that case I could not automate that with some testing and site

I guess this topic is somewhat more relevant since there have been some
discussions about seperating the public visible models from (its own)
build instructions in later POM schema versions.


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