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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: dependency management across projects
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 07:54:49 GMT
Hi Curtis,

Curtis Rueden wrote:

> Hi Jörg,
>> We use simply "x-SNAPSHOT" for the parent version. That way no
>> unreleased project has to be touched, it simply uses the "lastest"
>> SNAPSHOT of the parent. No script required.
> Yeah, that is very convenient, if you are willing to accept the two-edged
> sword of irreproducible builds.

What do you mean with "irreproducible builds"? Definitely, if you project 
relies on a SNAPSHOT parent, it does not matter if you call it 1-SNAPSHOT or 

> A breaking change in the parent will break
> all builds that consume it... but can be fixed just as easily too without
> touching the downstream projects.

Well, somebody obviously made the choice for the SNAPSHOT parent ... with 
all consequences.

> Of course, it's a decision every project has to make for themselves. My
> projects opted for build reproducibility by using only release linkages
> (for parent POMs, dependencies and plugins). This has many advantages:
> e.g., "git bisect" fully works as one might hope, allowing you to
> resurrect the state of the code even from years prior and still build
> successfully. The downside is that you must make releases in order to be
> able to pin to them.

Once a project is released, you also have a released parent. No surprises 
anymore. And the project can then make its own decision if it creates also a 
branch for the parent and rely on e.g. 254.x-SNAPSHOT either for maintenance 
releases or further development.

This scheme works well for us now for several years.


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