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From Levski Weng <>
Subject Why does Maven fail to compile my project occasionally?
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2014 14:12:40 GMT
Hello, I'm new to Maven. Currently I use Maven 3.1.1 to compile my project
(using Jenkins). But occasionally, maven report error messages like the

---- Begin of the console output ----

[INFO] Compiling 132 source files to C:\Program Files

[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------[ERROR]
\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\CDMS-web-server\workspace\src\\\src\main\java\com\xxx\system\devicecenter\network\[36,24]
找不到符号Symbol: Variable TYPE_AGENT_ID
Location: Class[ERROR] \Program
Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\CDMS-web-server\workspace\src\\\src\main\java\com\xxx\system\devicecenter\network\[38,24]
找不到符号Symbol: Variable TYPE_AGENT_UUID
Location: Class[ERROR] \Program
Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs\CDMS-web-server\workspace\src\\\src\main\java\com\xxx\system\devicecenter\network\[32,24]
Location: Class
[INFO] 3 errors
[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------

---- End of the console output ----

However, when I build the Jenkins job again without any modification,
maven builds the project successfully.
My code is correct because I could successfully build the whole
project in Eclipse again and again.

I use the following Maven parameters:
clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true --update-snapshots --batch-mode
--fail-fast --debug

I could reproduce the scenario by rebuild the project after deleting
all the sub-folders and files in the maven local repository:


I'm confused about this, and on internet, nobody seems to have the
same problem.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced.


Levski Weng

Levski Weng

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