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From Samuli Saarinen <>
Subject RE: Best practices for Java EE 7 dependencies
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2014 10:56:29 GMT

You could import the dependencies  in dependencyManagement as described in [1] and only declare
needed dependencies in the project.




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From: Martin Hoeller [] 
Sent: 7. helmikuuta 2014 11:33
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Best practices for Java EE 7 dependencies


I'm wondering what the best practices are for specifying Java EE 7
dependencies in my modules.

There is the so called BOM (bill of materials) POM: javax:javaee-api:7.0
which lists all API submodules required for JEE7. Specifying this in my
module as


works and is the least work for me. However, this way I got all JEE APIs
on the CLASSPATH even if I just need a few of them. Further on, the
actual dependencies are now transitive which is (IMHO) not fully correct.
Should I better specify the exact dependencies and investigate some more
work in POM maintainance? What would this gain me?

What do you think?

- martin
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