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From Tommy Svensson <>
Subject Re: Maven Central Opinion
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 12:49:04 GMT
Hello again,

OK, I suspected that I get a lot of replies on this :-). 

From experience in other forums I also expected to have people tell me to go screw myself,
but that has not happened. There are apparently only professionals here! That said, there
some very good replies and explanations but also some I do react to.  

I'll start with the latter. The arguments about quality I just don't buy. We are only talking
poms here. Whatever is in the poms says nothing about the quality of the software itself.
What is really bothering me however is the argument that if you don't have your things in
the way we think they should be, you are not serious enough. It hasn't been said straight
out but implied. The word that pops into my head here is "Moralizing"! I take my work very
seriously and I take my open source work even more seriously (since in that case I'm allowed
the time for it :-)). That if I have one file that is not up to someones liking I'm not taking
releasing of my software seriously is just absurd. 

From one of the replies:
> As I said in a previous message, deploying to the remote repo is just a
> matter of "mvn deploy", using either the maven-deploy-plugin (by default)
> or the nexus-staging-maven-plugin.

That is good, that is how easy it should be!

> You'll have to configure the GPG plugin to sign your artifacts though, as
> it's a requirement to deploy to Central.

No problem!

I'm going to go though the documentation again and solve the "easy" way to do it :-).  And
If I can't find a page that explains this clearly I will create such! I have gotten very much
information here to go on. 

Someone also pointed out that local webserver repositories are good enough for "small" projects.
I basically agree with that. I only considered maven central since someone asked me. But it
is easier to have things in central and not have to add multiple repository specifications
in your pom/settings. OK, you can use nexus to merge several repositories into one and then
use that. But if submission to central can be made easy then it is worth to do it. Software
does not have to be large apache projects to be useful. There are some truly useful software
out there that comes from single individuals.

Here is my view of how I would want a maven repository to be:

- No requirements of javadoc or sources. If you want to include those, no problem, but if
you don't  it is up to you. Personally I like to have sources available in the repository
for the third party software I'm using so I would also submit sources to my software, but
that is entirely up to me.

- Tags on submitted software (not required - can be empty). 

- Searchable data in addition to group and artifact:
  - Tags
  - Descriptions

- A browsable (navigable) web gui, not just searches. 

- A standardized documentation zip containing PDFs and/or markdown.

- Quality indication:
  - The possibility to star artifacts just like you can star repos in github. Also for group
  - Download statistics (filtered on ip-address, multiple downloads from the same ip-address
only count as one).
  - A quality value based on these two as sorting order for search results.

- When an artifact or group is selected in the web gui the following should be displayed:
  - Dependency tags for the artifact (obviously :-))
  - Pom information like description, web url, developers, scm url, etc.
  - Stars and download stats.
  - Any submitted docs.

With so much software available in one place it would be very nice to have it more searchable
and on more useful criteria, and also to have the ability to get more details on the software
at the same place.


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