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From Thomas Broyer <>
Subject Re: Maven Central Opinion
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2014 14:32:25 GMT
On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Tommy Svensson <> wrote:

> I was asked to submit one of my opensource tools at github to maven
> central. This turned out to be a rather complex procedure.
> Sonatype puts the following requirements on anyone wanting to submit to
> maven central:
> - You are forced to set a Sonatype pom as parent of your project and thus
> inherit things you have no control over.

Wrong. That POM only helps you having things setup properly, by configuring
everything for you to fulfill the requirements without even thinking about

> - You are forced to have a SNAPSHOT version even if you have no use for
> such.

Wrong (see notes below about the maven-release-plugin and "the Maven Way™").

> - You are forced at submission time to select a new version for your
> software even if you have no idea if it will be a minor, bugfix or new
> functionality at this point in time.

If by "submission time" you mean "mvn release:prepare release:perform",
then, well, you're releasing stuff so you'd better know how you want to
call it "at that point in time".

> - Your public repository (github, etc) which you are forced to point out
> in your pom are no longer yours to decide over. It will be updated during
> the submission process.

Wrong. This is a result of the maven-release-plugin and "the Maven Way™",
but you're not forced to use it to release your artifacts. Some people just
put non-SNAPSHOT version in their POM and then use "mvn deploy" to deploy
to a Maven repo (such as Sonatype OSS); see, they don't use

> - After running 3 different mvn commands you also need to login to
> Sonatypes nexus server and ”release” the artifacts before the become
> available.

Yes, that's how it goes. The idea I think is that the artifacts are
temporarily published in a special repository (this is called "staging") so
you can update your POMs and test those artifacts before actually releasing
them / pushing them to Central. Some people use that to make "release
candidates": their stage artifacts, announce it on their project's mailing
list and have people test the new thing, and after a few days, if nobody
reported a blocking issue, they can just push the "release" button. I
believe the Apache Foundation works that way (where people vote +1/0/-1 on
the staged artifacts during a couple days to a week)
I believe many other people just push the release button right away.
Note that you can use the nexus-staging-maven-plugin in your POM to
automatically close the staging repository (make it read-only) and even
automatically release it afterwards:

> The idea of the maven repository that has grown larger than maven itself
> is a completely brilliant idea. It takes open source to a new level where
> anyone can just depend on other open source code and automatically download
> it on build. This is really good for the open source world (well, at least
> the Java/JVM part of it) . The fact that the release process to this
> central repository is far too complex, I see as a really great problem,
> inhibiting the easy sharing of open source work.

Before going further, have you ever deployed artifacts to a repository?
More than half of what you're ranting about is about releasing artifacts
with Maven and deploying them to a repository, and more specifically about
the maven-release-plugin (and many people hate it); only a couple points
are about Sonatype OSS and Central.

Thomas Broyer
/tɔ.ma.bʁ <>

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