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From Christian Pontesegger <>
Subject javadoc:aggregate project filter
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:07:24 GMT

I'd like to create API documentation for an eclipse RCP project. 
Therefore I use the javadoc:aggregate goal which nicely builds 
documentation for all my projects.

Now I want to filter some of them. When building with tycho junit tests 
are typically kept in a separate project. Still the package names for a 
test class ae the same as for the main class. This seems to be the best 
practice approach right now.

Currently API documentation for test classes is built too. Is there a 
way to filter a whole project from the aggregation step?

The only other approach I found was to use the javadoc:javadoc goal and 
to manually add paths using the sourcepath parameter. For a big project 
this is an error prone task which I would like to avoid.


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