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From "Sankaran, Nambi" <>
Subject Re: help testing a test war in a jar module
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:28:59 GMT
Please take a look at web-fragments.
It is a servlet packaged as a jar.

On 12/12/13, 8:25 AM, ""
<> wrote:

>I have an unusual issue, a product that is ultimately a webapp, but each
>screen is required to be in a separate jar file with no
>inter-dependencies (though they all have dependencies to lower level
>library jars).  I would like to be able to test each of these jar files
>within the jar module that builds them by creating a 'dummy' exploded war
>file and deploying it to an embedded tomcat.  By having all the source
>for the screen in a single module we should be able to test each screen
>in isolation and use JRebel to tweak the code without redeployment and
>perhaps use selenium for a basic UI test of each screen.  We use the
>embedded tomcat because we use tomcat in our final war, so the results
>will be as close as possible, and we use a database resource via tomcat's
>database pool to access the database.
>Running the tomcat7:run-war-only goal gives the message 'Skipping non war
>project'.  I am creating a war by explicitly running the war:exploded
>goal after the test-compile phase.
>Is there any miracle of a chance anyone has tried something similar to
>this and succeeded?  Does jetty provide a better alternative (and have
>the database resources configurable like I have in Tomcat)?
>Thanks in advance for any consideration of this issue,
>Randy Kamradt

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