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From Malte Skoruppa <>
Subject Re: how to run compile and packaging before test?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 10:42:03 GMT
Oh, and I forgot to mention that "Maven: The Definitive Guide" book 
which apparently is also free, although you can also buy a printed version.

However, the http link to the book on is dead. It should be 

It would also be helpful for users who scan that page if the free books 
were somehow better visually highlighted. Like a big green button that 
says "Free!" beside the corresponding book or whatever.

On 12/13/2013 11:34 AM, Malte Skoruppa wrote:
>>> Meanwhile, one doesn't necessarily have to buy a book to learn about 
>>> the
>>> Maven lifecycle. This is also explained on the website:

>> Yes, but it doesn't go into enough details.
>> The *free* books do.
> This actually surprised me. Free?
> Looking at the "Books and Resources" page more closely, I found but 
> *one* book that is free, namely the "Better Builds with Maven" (2006, 
> covers Maven 2.0.4 - i.e., rather old).
> For all the other books, there are Amazon (and similar) links.
> If these other books are also freely available, this should certainly 
> be put forward more clearly on the page, with appropriate links.
> Apart from the books, the "Books and Resources" page links to a 
> plethora of articles on this and that about Maven. But that is not 
> what you'd call a structured introduction to Maven, let alone a 
> "book". (Well, at least, that's not where I'd go digging if I wanted 
> to find out more about, say, the build lifecycle. I'd go to the Guides 
> index in that case. At least that's sorted by category.)
> On a sidenote, I also noticed that the page links to "JavaBlackBelt's 
> Maven Exam" on under "Miscellaneous on Maven". 
> However, does not exist anymore [1], and the "Maven 
> Exam" link is dead. [2]
> [1]
> [2] 
> ** <>

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