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From Bruce Albrecht <>
Subject Overriding artifact to be installed/deployed
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 16:50:27 GMT
One of my teams is trying to build a bundled application that first
builds a jar file using the jar plugin and then uses maven-exec plugin
to run something that bundles the jar file into a specialized osgi
bundle.  When we run the mvn install or deploy, it will deploy the jar
file created by the jar plugin. Is there some way to override the
artifact location so that it will upload the bundled jar?  Currently
this is all done in a single project, and I'm beginning to wonder if the
way to go is to change it to a multi-module project, with one module to
create the jar file, and a second module to create the bundled jar, and
use build-helper:attach-artifact to attach the bundled jar. They don't
need the unbundled jar to be uploaded to the repository.

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