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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: How to resolve right dependency which enabled and built/install with profile?
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 04:24:28 GMT
B  depends on A
A depends on C
C depends on libjar x.0 "provided"

C has no code and is only a pom not a jar.

You can then swap in any compatible version of libjar by providing it at 

Still not sure why you can not just use the latest version of libjar if 
any version will work at run-time.

On 10/12/2013 7:52 PM, Liu, Raymond wrote:
> Thanks Stephen
> 	I see your solution is let B manage the libjar version. While this is against my wish,
I wish B to know nothing about A's internal implementation. In the future, A might depends
on a v3.0 libjar, I do wish to just repackage B to make it work not revise B's code or assembly
rules. And sometime A might be buried deep in the dependent tree, Those project might not
even aware it depends on A, they just wish it works on whatever current A's binary jar, which
then need the right libjar dependency when assembly.
> 	And I know it seems hard to use profiles to manipulate dependencies. While by theory,
I think this is a reasonable requirement that a project do not need to take care of its dependencies'
internal implementation of what it depends on, It just wish it works. E.g. if the POM file
is installed in a way that when it build with profile, the corresponding dependencies and
any other modifying is fill in the final POM file. ( since the profile is not used anyway
when resolve dependencies, why keep it there? For source jar? ) Then those project depend
on it won't worry about A's profile, it's already the correct one which been used on building
A with this installed or downloaded binary jar.
> 	So , using profile might not be the right solution, While if there isn't an automatic
way to meet this requirement, can I take it as a feature missing?
> Best Regards,
> Raymond Liu
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> From: Stephen Connolly []
> Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 6:57 PM
> To: Maven Users List
> Subject: Re: How to resolve right dependency which enabled and built/install with profile?
> Using profiles to manipulate dependencies is a route to madness.
> An modules dependencies should be a constant... It was a mistake to allow <dependencies>
within <profile>.
> The correct solution is to create additional modules that aggregate in the corresponding
lib versions (this is also a bad plan, but less worse than your current plan by quite some
margin). The additional modules would depend on A and the respective version of libjar and
bundle the two together.
> Then B can depend if the corresponding internmediate... Now at this point you will start
to see the madness returning... That is if you need two versions of B.
> The better solution is to just let B depend in A and then do the fatjar as the final
later after B and *override* the transitive dep on libjar in the two fatjar building modules
> On Tuesday, 10 December 2013, Liu, Raymond wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have a project with module A that will be built with or without
>> profile say -Pnewlib , thus I can have it build with different version
>> of library dependency let's say by default use libjar-1.0 and when
>> -Pnewlib will use libjar-2.0.
>> Then, I have a module B to depends on module A. The issue is that how
>> can I get the right dependency in module B for libjar? I want to
>> assemble a fat jar so I need to figure out which version of libjar to include.
>> In my test, it seems to me that when mvn -Pnewlib install module A,
>> though it will build with libjar-2.0. but the installed pom do not reflect this.
>> Thus when module B resolve the dependency, it will resolve the
>> dependency as libjar-1.0 ( though when building module B, -Pnewlib is
>> also passed in, But I think this will not pass to the dependent
>> package when resolve the dependency).
>> I don't want to have module B know anything about the libjar-1.0 and
>> libjar-2.0. it should handle by module A, and module B just simply
>> call into module A.
>> Actually, I think this apply the same if A and B are not modules in
>> one project, but standalone projects. In which case B will not define
>> profile at all.
>> So how can I achieve this goal? say, A take care of lib dependency
>> when build and install. B who depends on A, when assembly can retrive
>> the right lib dependency.
>> Best Regards,
>> Raymond Liu
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